Kelly Beamer
Kelly Beamer

Back Squat: 275 lbs

Overhead squat: 190

Front Squat: 215

Snatch: 143 lbs

Clean and Jerk: 182 lbs

Deadlift: 290


Weightlifting Level 1 certification

Weightlifting Coach

Kelly Beamer

I started Crossfit in 2019 to help me with my weight loss journey.  In 2021 my friend found a crossfit/weightlifting mash up competition to sign up for so we started personal training lessons for our Oly lifts. I fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting and decided to get my coaching cert for it. Since then I have worked with multiple coaches to get a better diversity of coaching styles with the Olympic lifts. I went to Master Nationals in 2023 and took home bronze in both lifts and silver in the total. Although I qualified for Worlds it was not in my cards to go and I am planning on working to go one day.

I love seeing people improve their lifts. I will cheer for you no matter how small you may think it is.  Helping people is what motivates me