Austin Hoffman
Austin Hoffman

Sub 6 minute mile; Loves all things gymnastic: HSPU, RMU, BMU, handstand walks.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Austin Hoffman

I began consistently cheating on my running regimen with Crossfit in 2019, developing a passion for functional movements, the group workout energy, and CrossFit community. All of these factors lead to a decision to pursue a certification, become a coach, and share my new found passion with others.

and went on to receive his L1 CrossFit Certificate after consistently cheating on his running regime with CrossFit classes. Austin has always been health focused being an intensive care unit nurse before receiving his masters degree and moving on to facilitate health systems quality improvement through his worked in managed care. He can usually be found walking around town, in the local eateries/watering holes, hiking, biking, and renovating houses. His favorite movements include pistols, burpees, rope climbs, overhead squats, and push jerks. Austin's favorite WODs are Mary, Barbara Ann, and 31 Heroes. He's been known to have some rocking Playlists and to utter the phrase, ""starting in 10 seconds!

Through CrossFit, and its physical and mental challenges, I have unearthed a reservoir of untapped strength. As I pushed my body beyond its limits, I discovered that through physical resilience and mental fortitude comes growth.  I strive each day, through my workouts and coaching efforts, to grow as a person and help others to unlock their potential.

As a dedicated nurse, I discovered a profound passion for whole-person health. Realizing the transformative power of fitness, I wanted to empower individuals as a fitness coach. Now, I blend my medical expertise with a commitment to fostering lasting health and vitality, striving to create a ripple effect of positive change with every class.